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“In this immersive, intricately plotted mystery set in a near-future dystopia (Skyrmion), Poncy challenges the concept of reality versus simulation…”

Ghosts of Saint-Pierre

Ghosts of Saint-Pierre is a fictional biography based upon the real life of a man who left Saint-Pierre, Martinique a few short years before Mont Pelée buried the city in fire and ash, taking the lives of 30,000 souls, including all of his loved ones. It is the story of Duane’s own grandfather, Paul Poncy,… Continue reading Ghosts of Saint-Pierre

On the Jolly boat

On the Jolly boat. A scene from Adventures of Yvonne.

Thought I’d share an illustration I made for Adventures of Yvonne, which a children’s story inside of our novel, Ghosts of Saint Pierre. Yvonne is the little girl seated in the center of the boat, between her mother and her brother, Andre. They are on their way to board the Liberté, a pirate ship on… Continue reading On the Jolly boat

Tsalagi Poems

I have posted a few of my Cherokee poems. I may post some short stories and excerpts later. the long man grandfather, the Long Man, came down from the hills to the green valleys of the Smokey Mountains, where grandmother sent her love in the four directions, giving life to our mother Selu, and our… Continue reading Tsalagi Poems

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