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New posts are available on our blogs

  • Duane
  • 22 Apr 2006
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We have several new posts up on our blogs.

The Germaine Truth now has all of the new posts aggregated in one introductory blog. If you have a newsreader or want to syndicate all of the exciting new developments in the fictional town of Germaine, Oregon, be sure to subscribe to the consolidated rss feed.

Also check out Elohi Gadugi Journal where we throw around our opinions free of charge, and also some poetry, essays, etc. on topics of the day.

Jay Thiemeyer’s new chapbook, Marginal Notes will be released soon by The Habit of Rainy Nights Press.

Roadside Bomb, our poetry performance group just aired a pilot program on KBOO FM radio. It was very well received, but don’t know yet if it has been selected. You can download the podcast at Elohi Gadugi Internet Radio. You can also listen to or download some of my songs there.

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