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Skyrmion: Book One of the Sweetland Quartet

In the minds of those left behind, the act of crossing over to Sweetland is, literally, no different than death. But is Sweetland really a new planet, ready to accept a humanity suffering from war, economic collapse, and environmental catastrophe—or is it another kind of escape entirely?

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“An intricate, cyberpunk dystopian thriller that will keep readers engrossed.”
—Publishers Weekly BookLife Editors’ Pick

Fourteen-year-old Jessie Larivee wants to go to Sweetland. There is no future on Earth for children like her. She has been taking virtual classes at an online university, and she is determined to emigrate, no matter the cost. But she hasn’t figured out how to convince her luddite dad.

Joe Larivee is a social worker trying to help the growing legions of the poor while keeping his own head above the water. In 2038 the water is rising fast, fed by global warming and collapse of the ice caps. America is on the verge of war and economic disaster. For the starving many, rumors of a new answer have arrived. It’s Sweetland, a newly-discovered earth-like world. And there’s a novel way to get there — through the virtual reality called New Life.

But Joe’s not buying it. What is Sweetland, really?

With the help of cyber-sleuth, Claire Deluna, he vows to discover the truth, and if Sweetland is real, does he follow his daughter and lover and escape the hell Earth has become, or does he stay and fight for the unfortunate ones he has spent his life serving, and, in the process, just maybe redeem himself for the betrayal which eats at his conscience?

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Ebook, Trade Paperback

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Rainy Nights Press

ISBN: -13

979-8-9861523-1-8 (print), 979-8-9861523-0-1 (ebook)





Reviews and Readers Feedback

"Skyrmion is a riveting technothriller with a unique voice and something to say. Readers who enjoy well constructed worlds and thought provoking sci-fi ideas will have plenty to enjoy in this novel."

Thomas Anderson

Editor-in-Chief, Literary Titan

"Poncy’s cyberpunk adventure, the debut installment in the Sweetland Quartet series, is pitch perfect, pulse-pounding adventure rife with high action, tension, and poignant human emotions. [...] Readers will be wowed."


“The world-building is top-notch, the main character Joe Larivee and his relationship with his daughter carried me deep into the narrative, and the concept was fascinating."

David Agranoff

author of Ring of Fire and Punk Rock Ghost Story

“An intricate, cyberpunk dystopian thriller that will keep readers engrossed."

Publishers Weekly Booklist

an Editors Pick


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