Praise for Ghosts of Saint-Pierre

"Ultimately, this shrewd blend of fantasy and historical fiction proves to be unpredictable and moving…a poignant, challenging, and clever ghost story with a few surprises."
                 —Kirkus Reviews

Praise for Skyrmion

"The world-building is top-notch, the main character Joe Larivee and his relationship with his daughter carried me deep into the narrative, and the concept was fascinating." —David Agranoff, author of Ring of Fire and Punk Rock Ghost Story

More Praise for Skyrmion

"Poncy excels with evocative world-building and connections between characters that keep readers immersed and guessing…an intricate, cyberpunk dystopian thriller that will keep readers engrossed."
         —Publishers Weekly BookList

Ghosts of Saint-Pierre cover image
photo of the authors

Duane Poncy and Patricia J McLean live and write in Portland, Oregon. Their latest novel, Ghosts of Saint-Pierre, is forthcoming in October 2022.


Duane is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation.